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a woman holding a guitar in her right hand and looking down at the strings on it
One of my favourite simple-ish pieces to play #guitar #classicalmusic #shorts
an image of musical notations
Since my post about seeing colors of keys was so popular, I thought I'd share one more treat with you all: Here is my description of how all 24 keys sound. Obvioiusly this is based on opinion, but I'm curious if you all agree with any of my descriptions. Hope you find this interesting!
an image of musical notations and symbols on a sheet music notes are arranged in the shape of letters
the chart for musical instruments with different colors and symbols on it, including music staffs
I'm probably not alone in this, but I see color every time I hear a piece in a certain key signature. I made a table of the colors that I see (dubbed chromesthesia) and thought I'd share it with you all.
four different types of symbols are shown with the names in black and blue, yellow and pink
Music Theory for Kids: Understanding Accidentals - Let's Play Music
an image of music notes with the names in different colors and numbers on them, all lined up
Music Theory Intervals (PDF)
sheet music for the guitar with notes and tabulas, all in different positions
diatonic triads
the circle of fifths is shown with letters and numbers in each letter, as well as
The Songwriter’s Secret: The Circle of Fifths -
music notes with the names and numbers in english, spanish, and french letters on them
What Key Should My Song Be In? | Envato Tuts+
sheet music with the words and numbers in it
All The Major and Minor Scales
sheet music with the names and numbers of musical instruments
two women are dressed in traditional clothing and holding an accordion while standing next to each other
2 ACCORDIONS ДОРОГОЙ ДЛИННОЮ Аккордеонистки России- дуэт "ЛюбАня"
Самые красивые аккордеонистки России-дуэт"ЛюбАня"ДОРОГОЙ ДЛИННОЮ [accordion,harmonica,баян] - YouTube
an image of piano chords with the words piano chords on it in blue and white
Piano Chords Chart by skcin7 on DeviantArt
an image of the times and meaningss for children to learn
Time Signatures & Meanings Cheat Sheet
the names and numbers of major chords in an english language, with their corresponding letters
5 Basic Piano Chords You Can Start Playing Right Now
sheet music with the words, yesterday paul mccarness / beatles on it
you are my sunshine guitar tab
My Site
an electric guitar with the words 10 easy guitar solos with tabs on it
10 Easy Guitar Solos and How To Play Them
Learn The Circle Of Fifths On The Guitar
an instruction manual for the finger indpendence, with instructions to use it
A useful chart with all the possible combinations of the fretting hand fingers. Awesome for your warmups and finger independence exercises. Get a metronome and work a pattern or a combination across the strings. Results guaranteed!
the piano keyboard chart for each major musical instrument
All Piano Chords PDF With Fingering - Diagram - Staff Notation
sheet music for guitar with notes and tabs in the bottom left hand corner, which includes
Free Printable Chord Chart - Elmore Music
the guitar chords are arranged in different ways
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the guitar major scale chart with different positions
Guitar major scales chart - Mamamusicians
the scales and chords chart is shown in red, green, blue, and yellow
Guitar reference poster - WIP by harrycantdraw on DeviantArt
guitar chords for beginners to learn how to play them
16 Beginners Guitar Chords
someone playing guitar with the words learn how to easily play power chords on their fingers
How To Read And Play Power Chords - Dwayne's Guitar Lessons