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Cute Little drawings with faces almost chibi style

This is kind of why I ship jarco a bit more than starco... Please don't kill the hyruliangeek...

This is kind of why I ship jarco a bit more than starco. ^^star's face is why I ship starco. She doesn't want to show this to Jackie and it breaks her heart, but she has to.

Now I kind of feel bad... but it's funny

If things could talk- excuse the language

This is possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen Credit to Moringmark |Star vs the Forces of Evil|:

This is the cutest thing in existence oh my heart can't take it. Credit to Moringmark

Let it Go <3 Elsa de diferentes etnias! Frozen pelo mundo! <3

Poland or is it not Nyo!Poland, that is the question-- Frozen-Hetalia - Let it go - by x-Lilou-chan-x on DeviantArt

... It works

There's alot of these mindtricks, but I've never seen this one before

LOL spongebob and snape meme

When I was younger snapes reaction was my legit reaction too

Czy wiesz, że? –

Czy wiesz,l że?

psychologia koloru znaczenie czerń biel czerwony żółty zielony niebieski infografika

Oto najpopularniejsze trendy w Pinach w tym tygodn.

Emoji's Drawing

Emoji's Drawing

Wskazówka dla facetów

To nie koniecznie

Já contei 7 Abraços, 12 olhares e nenhum beijo

Star, lies are bad. and Starco is SO not platonic!

choć dobrze to nie zabrzmiało.

ZARTY na Stylowi.pl

ZARTY na Stylowi.pl