Małgorzata Dulska

Małgorzata Dulska

Małgorzata Dulska
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zincsyouwouldntcreerias: “ Chinnamasta, 2016 Hashimoto Contemporary smash the patriarchy, acknowlege your privilege, destroy your privilege ”

katie-scott: Science and Magic | pen drawing illustration third eye crystal mystical

Patternbank are loving Katie Scott’s surreal anatomy and scientific illustrations. A recent Brighton University illustration graduate, Katie uses scanned w

Beauty all around and around via Anna Sheffield via The Shiny Squirrel

Alchemy - Llew Mejia :: I started drawing a Green Tree Python, but then it kind of took off into some occult stuff, touching up on some more symbolism from Rosicrucians, the Priory of Sion as well as some Alchemy textbooks I was looking over.