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a man and woman dance together on the floor with their feet in the air while wearing ballet shoes
ZsaZsa Bellagio
the legs...
a man is dancing in the rain with his shirt off and hands up to his head
Pina Bausch by Wim Wenders in 3D trailer
Pina Bausch by Wim Wenders
a woman in an orange dress splashes water into the air while standing on top of a body of water
Pina Bausch: Vollmond
a man is dancing in the rain with his arm extended and one leg bent forward
ZsaZsa Bellagio – Like No Other
“Vollmond” by Pina Bausch via:papaija.tumblr
a woman is dancing in the water
VOLLMOND by Pina Bausch with Pablo Aran Gimeno, Rainer Behr, Ditta Miranda Jasjfi, Dominique Mercy, Nazareth Panadero, Helena Pikon, Jorge Puerta Armenta, Julie Anne Stanzak, Michael Strecker, Fernando Suels Mendoza, Tsai-Chin Yu
Pina Bausch's Vollmond (Full Moon) finds water on the moon
a shirtless man is running in the rain with his arms spread out and head down
Pina Bausch's Nefés at the BFM
Pina Bausch - Vollmond. Most of the people know Pina Bausch now, at least since the Wim Wenders movie got nominated for an oscar this year. And who doesn't google it asap. She is an icon and having seen "Vollmond" amongst others makes me a happier person...
black and white photograph of a woman in motion holding a tennis racket with both hands
pina bausch
a woman is performing on a rope in the middle of a dance performance with one leg bent
Pina Bausch/ choreographer
a woman standing in front of a white wall with her arms stretched out and hands up
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Pina Bausch
a woman in a white dress standing next to a row of chairs with her arms outstretched
Pina in Cafe Muller
black and white photograph of a ballerina in the water with her arms extended out
An exciting liquid dance
Pina Bausch Tanztheater Wuppertal's 'Vollmond' (Full Moon) | Photo COURTESY OF LAURENT PHILIPPE ♥ Wonderful! www.thewonderfulworldofdance.com #ballet #dance
a woman in an orange dress is jumping into the water with her arms spread out
Bafta Awards 2012: nominations in pictures
Tribute to Pina Bausch