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Activity: Routine Care. Daily Routine for Diapering.Tolieting under the 1. Physical and Well Being Developmental Domain. ELGs Framework Link: 2. PW37 The Objective/Purpose: The toddler participates in physical care routines. The toddlers follow visual cues for potty training.

PECS visual cues 7 visual schedule for potty training a child with autism or special needsTap the link to check out great fidgets and sensory toys. Happy Hands make Happy People!

Number Rods Control Chart and Number Cards (Image from Montessori Print Shop)

FREE Montessori material - This control chart and number cards can be used with your Montessori Number Rods. Printable Montessori math materials and lessons for children by Montessori Print Shop.

The Planner

The Apollo Planner. Combines David Allens' Getting Things Done with Timothy Ferriss' Four Hour Workweek.

20 Productivity Apps To Keep You And Your Boss Organised

20 Productivity Apps To Keep You (And Your Boss) Organized Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Computers category. Check out 20 Productivity Apps To Keep You (And Your Boss) Organized now!