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Unframed 5 by 7 bird pebble art anniversary gift birthday

This is a 5 by 7 piece of pebble art. It is made on mat board. It is unframed but comes with a mat. Made with mat board, pebbles, rocks, and stones.

Gentlemensmuse: gestrertc I’m in if you’re in.

This tiny cabin vacation is in a farm setting just 15 minutes away from downtown Portland, Oregon. I want to go tour it just to get an idea of what living in a tiny house feels like, and that way get a better idea of what kinds of features I like.

Format Elf Architekten's blackened timber cottages for a German resort

Built by Format Elf Architekten in Bad Birnbach, Germany with date Images by Lothar Reichel. German studio Format Elf Architekten has designed three holiday cottages for a resort in the Bavarian countryside tha.