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xD {Arthur Conan Doyle said, "If, in 100 years, I am known only as the man who created Sherlock Holmes, I shall consider my life a failure." This gif is just perfect as a reaction.

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you just have to love that face xD can't stop wondering if he keeps little-Smaug voices while driving xD

If you don't love Lestrade you are not watching Sherlock correctly | right!

Such an underrated line!

Benedict  Cumberbatch  Gif.  Very handsome :)

I GIF MY OBSESSIONS currently: (on indefinite hiatus) Aaron&Robert/Emmerdale Theo Rossi/Sons of Anarchy Benedict Cumberbatch/Sherlock Agron&Nasir/Spartacus

Hiatus strikes again.

(Gif) aaaaand now I'm laughing like a mad lunatic xD guys we have too much time on our hands-- seriously this is getting ridiculous Ummmm.that's kind of awesome. Also, I spat on my computer. But seriously, we need to stop this madness