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Read Under Sail SansxMermaid reader from the story Sans AU x reader oneshots *Shorts* by with 209 reads. Sans PovIt was.


sugartalesans: “ a rough sketch but I love drawing ‘s version of Kid Sugar. he is just a precious little Suga butt ; ” hmm, fluff club you say? alrighty then Sugar, Fell, Cross,.

Rp with these two(I'm still Error Sans, btw)

Read Ink and Error Sans from the story Undertale AU Rp(Closed) by izzyrougeot (FANDOM TRASH) with 778 reads. Rp with these two(I'm still Error Sans, btw)

Undertale by on @DeviantArt

Undertale by kuzukago on DeviantArt. Sans is jealous of all the attention Frisk is giving to Toby (the annoying dog) so he forces things to go his way . I get lost after that