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a person holding up a green piece of cloth with flowers in the pocket on it
Das Wicker Bicycle auf Instagram: Sonntags sind für die Schöpfer - Design Diy
Das Wicker Bicycle auf Instagram: Sonntags sind für die Schöpfer Das Wicker Bicycle auf Instagram: Sonntags sind für die Schöpfer #auf #Bicycle #das #die #für The post Das Wicker Bicycle auf Instagram: Sonntags sind für die Schöpfer appeared first on Design Diy.
a yellow book with a brown bear on it's cover sitting on a table
Далее много фото Все подробности не фотографировала,т.к.это повтор ранее сшитой книги)
Personalized Quiet book for toddler, Busy book, learning activity book
This Quiet book for Kids age 3-6 years old is our special edition which consists of 8 active pages with different activities that help your Child to improve mathematical (numbers and counting) and creative skills, learn main colors, geometrical shapes and matching, train memory and practical life skills. It is a really useful and original present for a Kid.
a child's face on a purple and white pillow
Итак, страница «Эмоции». Одна из любимых моих страничек, потому что дарит положительные эмоции абсолютно всем - и взрослым, и детям! Помимо очевидных эмоций (удивление, радость, восторг, горе, грусть, злость, обида, страх и много-много других разновидностей), можно пофантазировать и примерить к лицу 3 глаза, 2 рта, превратить брови в усы, жиденькую бородку или бакенбарды🤣 Наши друзья, когда приехали в гости, мигом составили портрет своего грозного папы и поставили фотографию на его звонок в тел
a close up of a traffic light made out of felt on a piece of cloth
Quiet Book Ideas for Kids 2022
Uma página semáforo correspondência de cores simples e divertido. Sempre que o silêncio é necessário, manter o seu filho entretido com seu próprio livro divertido e tranquilo criativo.
an image of a craft project with fish on it
Quiet Book Tips
This is a fantastic quiet book, with lots of pictures showing the variety inside. There's also a link to an etsy shop where you can buy similar books if you want to, rather than making one yourself.
the pattern for this quilt book is easy to sew, and it's so cute
Farm Quiet Book by LifeInOurNomad on Etsy, $65.00 EMBROIDERY NOW AVAILABLE!!
an open book with different colored fish and a pirate ship on the cover, sitting on a table
Another idea: island with palm tree and clouds blue sky sun, under water world with coral for fish and mermaids
a group of stuffed animals sitting on top of a pink cloth covered wall next to balls
Fourteen Page Busy Book - Etsy
Busy Book Four Pages
the very best quiet book for your little ones to learn how to sew with buttons
The Very Best Quiet Book for your Little Ones
The Very best quiet book for your little ones
an open book with cut out animals on it
Busy Book
an apple tree with numbers on it and two red apples tied to the ground next to each other
This item is unavailable - Etsy
Felt counting apple tree quiet book page by itsthesmallthings
an open children's book with buttons and flowers on the pages, featuring pictures of farm animals
This item is unavailable - Etsy
This book is completely hand made and made to order. It is for age 2+. If you like to order and if you like to be personalized,please send me the name of your child. If you want some pages, to be different, let me know,I can arranged that. The book can be small 23x23cm or big 30x30cm.