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Chiptune Rock & Chiptune EDM Music

Chiptune music mixed with rock and EDM, musicians, bands, videos, etc.
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MotionRide - Un petit Robot ■LSDJ CHIPTUNE■


Anamanaguchi's - Meow song. It's a great chiptune rock song with... cat meow sounds (?). :D


Shawn Daley's "Trillium" is an awesome chiptune punk song. It is artist I really like to listen to. 99% of his music just fits my musical taste. :)


Laffe the Fox & Zalza - Cats Don't Play Video Games. :)


MotionRide's new Rave/Chiptune song. ^^

Kubbi's latest song called Restoration. Enjoy!

MotionRide - The Second 1 ■■■EDM Chiptune■■■

Garden of Error is a name I came up with playing a #HeroesoftheStorm map, called #GardenofTerrors. The idea behind the #picture came up after watching Terry "Tezza" Stewart's latest video about #Macintosh Plus and rewatching #StarWars The #EmpireStrikesBack. :) Hope you like the little rhythm change in the second part of the #song! #Enjoy! :D #Music and #art by #MotionRide.

MotionRide's new music cover of James Pond 2 RoboCod music. :-)

MotionRide - The Next 1 [EDM Chiptune]