A little girl from Warsaw helping as a nurse,1944

Róża Maria Goździewska - the "little nurse", Warsaw Uprising 1944

Powstanie warszawskie

German artillery fires the Prudential Building, during Warsaw

Powstanie Warszawskie 1944

Polish insurgents of the Polish Home Army (Polish: Armia Krajowa) wearing the flag of Poland as armbands and carrying their rifles ready themselves for combat against German occupying forces during the Warsaw Uprising. The Uprising was timed to.

Powstanie Warszawskie w fotografii Sylwestra "Kris" Brauna

Powstanie Warszawskie w fotografii Sylwestra "Kris" Brauna

AUG 31 1944 Warsaw Uprising – women and children suffer Young members of the Polish Home Army in Warsaw during the uprising.

People involved in Warsaw uprising durring WW II heroic and tragic struggle to liberate capitol of Poland from Nazi/German occupation. Undertaken by the Polish resistance movement Armia Krajowa, AK.


SEP 14 1944 Red Army Poles join the Warsaw Uprising Armia Krajowa soldiers fighting during the Warsaw Uprising. One man is armed with Błyskawica machine pistol.

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Young boys during the Warsaw Uprising The national liberation uprising…

Warsaw, 1944 ~ Powstanie warszawskie

Warsaw, 1944 ~ Powstanie warszawskie

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