Magdalena Jawor

Magdalena Jawor

"Ogólnie to całe życie opiera się z grubsza na złośliwości, no i wsio"
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historia-polski: “Kontusz (from Polish language; plural...

TRavelling - vineyards in Provance, France

Vineyard in Douro valley, Portugal ~ UNESCO World Heritage Site

white peacock | bird photography #peafowl

Opium lamp & pipe - Lampe et pipe à opium from Galerie Delalande

Opium smoking layout including a solid ivory opium pipe.

300 year old oak trees - Oak Alley Plantation, Louisiana | Incredible Pictures

Oak Alley Plantation - Vacherie, Louisiana. I could have sat here all day. Many movies filmed here including part of North and South

Olive trees | Rudd Oakville Estate, Napa Valley