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Magdalena Chobot

Magdalena Chobot
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Ward off lines and wrinkles by adding one or all six of these anti-aging, super-stretching yoga poses to your workout

“Don't get yourself turned around and upside down this holiday season (unless you're in yoga class ) Couple tips to surviving the holidays: :heavy_check_mark:Do a

Keep your fitness routine entertaining by adding in music you love that will make the time and/or distance fly by!

Workout songs that will make the time fly by! 125 songs to keep you moving. Work up a sweat while listening to your favorite artists. See the full list here!

A little heart opener to start the day off right..... >>> Have a look at more by checking out the picture link

/aloyoga/ every day Every object, staircase and doorway I see as a playground for yoga haha. It's a serious(ly fun!

Summer weather is a great time for a little outdoor yoga

I love the outdoors so I use this love as my gym base, nature gives me a great landscape to get physically fitter.