Tort piętrowy czekoladowo - borówkowy | Moje Wypieki

Just so pretty . 2 Tier chocolate & blueberry gateau (click thru for english version)

Słonecznikowiec | Moje Wypieki

Cocoa Layer Cake with Crunchy sunflowers in caramel, dulce de leche and chocolate

Tort cytrynowy z malinami

Ingredients: For sponge cake: 5 large eggs 200 gr. corn starch For the cream: 500 ml.

Tort truskawkowy 'Heaven'

Tort truskawkowy 'Heaven' this is in another language but it looks like a torted angel food cake with strawberry whipped cream between the layers. I love the strawberry hearts on the side as well.

Porzeczkowiec | Moje Wypieki

Cocoa Black Current Liquor Cake with cocoa liqueur-soaked tops in Cassis with Mascarpone Cream