Magda Kaczorowska

Magda Kaczorowska

Magda Kaczorowska
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Instant Access To Over 100 Video Lessons, 6 Hours of One-On-One Coaching With Amber's Ultimate Pole Dancing Course... Dance Your Way To Health & Fitness From Home!

Brand new, state of the art fitness sports pole. New improved design to meet international pole sports standards. Premium brass dance pole product designed specifically for pole sports. High quality and sleek design.

Feeling down? Get yourself a new hobby! I gave poledancing ago and found new energy^ #polefitness #poledancetry

Even beginner moves like Peter Pan can look gorgeous when done well. Like this open leg variation.

pole dancing is not just about stripping etc. but an amazing way to get fit, flexible and defy gravity!

Did you know that pole fitness is the latest new fitness workout? It's a fun way to workout and trains the entire body. Learn how to lose weight feel sexy at the same time!

Pole dancing - a new hit craze! Spectacular body strength and grace.

After I lose a little more weight and increase my upper-body strength, I'm going to take a pole dancing class ;