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Wings Of Fire, Dragon Art, Wolves, Dragons, A Wolf, Bad Wolf, Wolf

Transformers, Robots, Robotics, Robot

Transformers and Overwatch are the things i enjoy doodling.<<<I made myself sad knowing that he sometimes got emotionally wrecked after being legitimately happy.

rip-roaring-muffin: “ I’m trying to get back into the habit of drawing shit. Here’s a Darksteel doodle.

I FINALLY DREWED HIM! It was pain to draw him, really. It& the most complicated Transformer i ever drewed! It still has so many mistakes but i like how it turned. predaking (C) Hasbro

Darksteel and Skylynx

Transformers Prime, Connect, Bond

A while ago, I was taking paint-sketch suggestions, and the ever fantastic nabulos suggested Predaking on a throne, and it was the first suggestion I started on….

More than meets the eye!