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ORA PRO NOBIS — Photographer: Agata Serge Photography Model: Luca Hostelle

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glitter fade - Glasgow-based hair stylist Fallon Carberry (of the amazing BLOW Finnieston salon) is always impressing us with new looks; most recently, she’...

Do takiego zestawu można również założyć białe trampki / This set also fit well with white sneakers

Gorgeous green clutch. More

Einkaufstaschen - Lederbeutel von ElektroPulli braun / kupfer - ein Designerstück von ElektroPulli bei DaWanda

Soft Autum: Amethyst. This is a fabulous color.

Here is how you really get gray right in your wardrobe. Reading about it only gets you so far. The shopping breakthrough is taking the fabric to the store. Compare the colours under the same lighting. Then, it becomes easy and fast.

Neutral colors for the Autumn Color Season wardrobe palette. No pure white or pure black (unless you're a dark or deep Autumn). Instead opt for shades of beige, brown, warm grays, and the darkest variations of warm colors in place of black.