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Onuk Island - Balabac Palawan, Philippines

phillipines “Into the Green Zone” - A beautiful rainbow after the rain, into the green zone of the Palawan Islands. Location: Onuk island, Balabac Palawan, Philippines (© George Tapan) # Looking forward to seeing this part of my beautiful country

Pink lake in Australia

The pink and lovely. Hiller Lake (Western Australia) Its startling color remains a mystery and while scientists have proven it’s not due to the presence of algae, unlike the other salt lakes down under, they still can’t explain why it’s pink.

This super wide angle lens is designed with a circular clamp, which makes it suitable for most mobile phones. It possesses characteristics: 0.4X magnification, low distortion, etc. With it, you can easily take pictures of large range scenery.

wide angle magnification camera lens with a circular clamp, universal for most mobile phones.With it, you can easily take pictures of large range scenery