Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika Magazyn Kuchenny

Loft kitchen with distressed brick walls and vintage inspired black appliances

Oven Baked Beet Chips Recipe

Not every category is a nail-biter at the Oscars! You’re going to need snacks (and booze!) to make it through the ceremony, and you can’t go wrong with our party-ready cocktails and finger food.

tea art - yes, it does

International Day of Happiness! Was ist Glück für Dich? Wissensbeiträge zum Thema Glück findest Du hier: http://www.artofliving.org/knowledge-sheet-search/happiness

Ricotta cheese makes this lighter and less rich than a standard cheesecake, which is brightened with a beautiful blood orange glaze.

9 Types of Tea You Need To Try By The Culture Trip

Tea to save the day! <3

Galette z jajkiem, serem i szynką, czyli wytrawne śniadanie z gryczanych naleśników