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SpongeUP Lamps by POTT Spanish designers Miguel Angel García Belmonte of POTT (The Pottery Project), have designed the ceramic SpongeUP lamps.

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Lumio: A Modern Lamp With Infinite Possibilities by Max Gunawan — Kickstarter

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Smart form personalizes the experience of the function. Babele puzzle lamp by design studio MID - manifattura italiana design

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Offering a discrete, portable and rechargeable lighting alternative is Lumio, a book-shaped lamp now on Kickstarter.

Lampa schowana w książce. EXAMPLE.PL

Meet Max Gunawan, the creator of Lumio. Max is inspired by modern forms, clean lines and designs with a twist. Max’s vision was the idea of a glowing book that unfolds.


Japanese designer Yukio Takano of The Great Mushrooming builds these fun lights using LEDs