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the word chaos written in white letters on a purple background
#Bechallenge | No.23 | OBSES
#Bechallenge | No.23 | OBSES on Behance
the word evds is written in white on a red background
#Bechallenge | No.22 | EVIDE
#Bechallenge | No.22 | EVIDE on Behance
the logo for allocal is shown on a green background with blue and white stripes
#Bechallenge | No.21 | ALLOCAL
#Bechallenge | No.21 | ALLOCAL on Behance
the logo for observer's
#Bechallenge | No.20 | OBSERVIEWER
#Bechallenge | No.20 | OBSERVIEWER on Behance
the logo for hora terrapia is shown on a purple background with gold lettering
Hora Terapia
Hora Terapia on Behance
the letters c and person are red, white and black on a black background logo design
New logo for EAST UNITY CO
New logo for EAST UNITY CO on Behance
an egg with the words'ele men ted'on it, next to a green background
#Bechallenge | No.19 | ELEMENTED
#Bechallenge | No.19 | ELEMENTED on Behance
the letter c and f combined together to create a logo for a company that sells products
Global Project Contact
Global Project Contact on Behance
a green background with the words hole - in - one pet supplies
a blue background with the word postman written in white on top of cubes
#Bechallenge | No.18 | POSTMASS
#Bechallenge | No.18 | POSTMASS on Behance
a blue background with the words becompaniy on it
#Bechallenge | No.17 | BECOMPANY
#Bechallenge | No.17 | BECOMPANY on Behance
the words rent it are red and white
Rent It
Rent It on Behance
an orange background with the words dtc and hexagons in black on it
Design Thinking Collaborator
Design Thinking Collaborator on Behance
the logo for jack's and giants, which is part of a clothing line
Jacks & Giants
Jacks & Giants on Behance
the codekwu logo is shown on a dark background with white letters and an orange heart
CodeKuw on Behance