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Internet Friends - Ally, Kat, Siena and Torie - Starbucks (Sirius/James) / Wolfstar (Sirius/Remus) #wattpad #teen-fiction

harry potter lily evans Sirius Black jily james potter myart the marauders will be colored tomorrow cause this turned out better than I planned yay!

Remus Lupin and Lily Evans - tea-sipping buddies. Pinned by @lilyriverside

Without Remus, Harry and Sirius would have gotten their souls sucked out in PoA. Without Remus, Harry wouldnt be the godfather of Teddy Lupin. Without Remus, James and Lily probably would have never become friends and later, husband and wife.

lets spike the punch by artofpan on DeviantArt

artofpan: “ Marauders New Years party, 10 points to the house of the person who can guess what Sirius is planning ”

the marauders

said: Do you take requests for art? Because I wanted to know how you would draw the marauders Answer: yes and like dis

They are so adorable together!!! She is absolutely beautiful

Everyone just needs to leave cuz these guys are so precious i cant even David & Georgia forever :)