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★彡 pjseakai ₊˚⊹꒷

⋆ kinda messy
779 Pins
★★★★ | At Least, to Me | "Why... Why did you close it...?"
"Start the music!"

★ miku stamps

29 Pins
☆☆☆☆ | The Arrogant Princess | "Now, kneel down!"
"Let's do this!"
"I just wanna sing!"

☆ rin stamps

25 Pins
☆☆☆☆ | Prince Of The Stage | "I'm sure I brought hope to all of them."

★ len stamps

17 Pins
☆☆☆☆ | Longing for the Sea | "It looks like such a wonderfully relaxing place."
☆☆ | Choosing to Wait
☆☆☆☆ | A Kappa’s Favorite Thing? | "It's Mr. Kappa's favorite food of green~!"

☆ luka stamps

21 Pins
☆☆☆☆ | First, Let's Strengthen Our Abdominals! | "Of course I'm talking about a training camp♪"
☆☆☆ | Tasting the New Spring Menu | "ふたりで最高の新作を作りましょ"

★ meiko stamps

23 Pins
☆☆☆☆ | A Session That Speaks With Sounds | "Okay. Let's do it..."
☆☆☆☆ | It's Alright, Everyone | "It's alright, it's alright, I'm here now."
☆☆☆ | Facing the Music | "....I hope you came to hear my song."

☆ kaito stamps

22 Pins
★★★★ | Connecting Tones | "I, I feel like I'm getting closer to the image...!"
☆☆☆ | The Direction of Our New Song | "なんだか少し……違う感じがするな"
☆☆☆☆ | The Starry Sky I Once Saw | "Right now, the thing I don't have anymore..."

★ ichika stamps

33 Pins
☆☆☆ | Leaning Gently On Your Back | "I wonder if the studio is still empty~?"
★★★ | Leaning Gently On Your Back | "I wonder if the studio is still empty~?"
☆☆☆☆ | Abyss of Memories | "Please...Don't leave me here..."

☆ saki stamps

30 Pins
🎀 | Happy Birthday!! | "I'm happy... I'm really happy..."
☆☆☆☆ | A Piece of Kindness | "Here. Use my handkerchief."
Welcome to the Nightmare | "N-No! Stay back!"

★ honami stamps

27 Pins
★★★★ | Growing Closer at the Cultural Festival | "Ah...thank you for the delivery"
A Wish Made Long Ago | "For now, I'll just continue to play the bass."
The Right Path For Me | "You people don't even know anything...!"

☆ shiho stamp

31 Pins
★★★★ I Think I'm Gonna Lose My Head! | "Ha-- Haruka-chan's cat ears~!?!?"

★ minori stamps

30 Pins
Premonition That's Right on Target | "...I hope that I'm just imagining things."
A Street-Style Idol!? | "Wearing clothes like these is pretty nice every now and then."
In The Face Of "What I Love" | "S-So cute...!"

☆ haruka stamps

25 Pins
Baking Sweets in Secret | "I have to finish this special cake!"
Captivated by Cuteness | "That pattern is so cute...!"
Perfect Sweets

★ airi stamps

28 Pins
Lady of Valentine
★★★★ | The Same Dango as That Day | "Shii-chan, let's eat together?"

☆ shizuku stamps

25 Pins
Lemonade Break ♪ | "Hahh... So tasty!"

★ kohane stamps

27 Pins
Gentle Memories | "Will you be there, with me...?"
Wrapped in Pure White | "E-Everyone, please wait..."
Former Enthusiasm | "This place, it looks a bit like Vivid Street."

☆ an stamps

27 Pins
Unimaginable Handling of Puyos | "…It seems we have a winner."
Feelings That Had Been Swallowed | "When I was young, I was desperate to live up to my father's expectations."

★ toya stamps

23 Pins
An Act of Morning Practice | "Sheesh...You two are almost the same."
The Enthusiasm in Hand | "...And still, we took another step forward!"
A Night of Defeat | "We shouldn't be losing here..."

☆ akito stamps

25 Pins
An Officer's Crisis | "You...! Why do you have to get in my way?!"
Backstage Encouragement | "Don't worry! Hanasato can do it!"

★ tsukasa stamps

29 Pins
Your Eyes Are Sparkly☆ | "Alright! Let's go, Nene-chan~!☆"
☆☆ | Smiles I Want to Protect
Our Feelings Become One | "Lots and looots of smiles!"

☆ emu stamps

35 Pins
The Target Won't Get Away | "I will do my best, too."
Dazzling Stage of Dreams | "My poster is on Broadway..."
After-Party With Fireworks | "Sparklers are fine, but no explosions, okay?"

★ nene stamps

28 Pins
Endless Imagination and Challenges | "Fufu, don't worry. I won't eat you."
Fantastic Planner | "I'll be making a few changes here!"
The Fire Within | "I'd rather you didn't insult my friends..."

☆ rui stamps

26 Pins
★★★★ | At the Town's Best Specialty Store
Faintly Glowing Elpis | "A song that saves someone... I may be able to compose it."
The Usual Ramen | "Every ramen dish they have here is delicious."

★ kanade stamps

33 Pins

☆ mafuyu stamps

36 Pins
★★★★ | The Expression That I Wanted to Draw

★ ena stamps

34 Pins