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a blue bird with feathers and flowers on it's head sitting in front of skulls
V. 2017, Personal Work — Sylvia Ritter - Art & Illustrations
White rooster wip: Ink drawing
a collage of art work with scissors, paper and pencils on top of it
Original Paper Collages by Dolan Geiman
a hand holding an open book with drawings on the pages and houses in the background
a painting of a snake surrounded by flowers and leaves
a stained glass window with green plants on it
Adelaide Club Leadlight by Adelaide Leadlight Centre
Adelaide Club Leadlight by Adelaide Leadlight Centre
a drawing of a person sitting on top of a pink and blue tiger with a tennis racket
Artistic Activism & Self-Expression: An Interview With Lauren YS
Lauren YS
an abstract painting of flowers and leaves in shades of purple, green, pink, yellow
SHOP | abstractartbymegan
a painting is being displayed in front of a easel with flowers painted on it
SHOP | abstractartbymegan