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Druidesse 3 by LaMuserie

Druidesse 3 by LaMuserie

Iki lho apik

This automatic battery charger circuit automatically shut off the charging process when battery attains full charge. It can be used to charge Lead-acid batteries.

Voltage, Current, Resistance, and Power Calculator - Robot Room

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funny explanation of ohms law

Ohm's Law Current through and Voltage across a conductor was first discovered by a German scientist George Simon Ohm. This relationship is called Ohm's Law

100 deadly skills - Imgur

100 Deadly Skills: Part VII: Op Actions. WARNING These skills are called deadly for a reason. These skills not only can pose a danger to others but they push th 100 deadly skill

Klawisze od F1 do F12 mogą zaoszczędzić sporo czasu. Koniecznie poznaj ich funkcje!

à Les utilités des touches de fonction que chacun devrait connaître