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Illustrations By Spanish Illustrator Digital Artist Borja Fresco Nekro. With a unique and personal style, marked by a desaturated color range with small touches of color, Nekro works especially with photocomposition.

Ian's heavy combat armor.  Almost exactly what I had in mind, to the "T"!

“Dragonborn" by Dovahkiin (from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim) by Lagueuse Costume made and worn by Lagueuse Photo manipulation by

Scaran woman of the Phalynx. The Phalynx are known for their matriarchal system of leadership with strictly women Sieads. The other clan, the Selich, decide their leadership by birthright and have both male and female leaders.

Celtic women who are strong and when pushed to it are excellent fighters, or as an enthusiastic Irish historian presenting a segment put it: “To be sure, Celtic women are real good scrappers” Here is to my fellow Celtic women!