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Loch Hydra Jaskiniowa | Might & Magic® Heroes 7

Hydras are among the most formidable Magical Beasts to roam the lands of Ashan. These giant snakes, mutated by the raw magic unleashed during the Mythic Ag

Sylvan Drzewiec | Might & Magic® Heroes 7

Treants are rare and exceptional forest spirits that appear as large, walking trees. Living embodiments of the force of Nature and growth, they are the pro

Sylvan Zielony Smok | Might & Magic® Heroes 7

Avatars of the Elemental Gods, Dragons come in all shapes and sizes. A young Green Dragon’s scales look like sharp stones that often get covered with mos

Sylvan Driada | Might & Magic® Heroes 7

Upon dying, an Elf can request to be entombed inside the living trunk of a Treant. It goes without saying that close ties must exist between the Elf and hi