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Maciek Mroczko

Maciek Mroczko
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Mysterious Girlfriend X Mikoto Urabe

Mikoto Urabe & Ayuko Oka Mysterious Girlfriend X

They Are Soo Dead, Aren't They??

FMA: brotherhood episode 2 edit by ( Schoenfeld Schoenfeld?) My all time favorite scene. I giggle like a maniac every time I watch/read it.

EdxWin by fennethianell

Fullmetal Alchemist - EdxWin by fennethianell [Oh my gosh, Ed! XD lol] I dont watch this, but it made me laugh so hard!

Ghetsis and Hydreigon by ~rekuroBis on deviantART. This is adorable.

Preventing the King of Team Plasma can resist loving Pokemon XD << I hate ghetsis how dare you give me feels about him