Borys Zalewski
Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika Borys
Вещи из древнерусских памятников: I — рога-кубки из Черной Могилы, 2 — меч из Фощеватой и прорись клейма на его лезвии, 3 — шлем, найденный на поле Липецкой битвы
9-13th century, stirups from various sites in Russia. Kolchin 1985.
9-10th century Southern Russia. Khazarian horse gear
Rus Chekan's  1, 2 - Veskovo, Yaroslavskaya Obl.; 3, 5 - Gnezdovo, Smolenskaya Obl.; 4 - Kabanskov, Yaroslavskaya Obl.; 6 - Mohovo, Minkaya Obl.; 7 - Lukoml, Mogilevskaya Obl.; 8 - Gorodishe, Khmelnitzkaya obl.; 9 - Opanovichi, Grodnevskaya obl.
Copper pendant with a runic inscription, Zoomorphic copper pin, Bronze pendant with Rurik dynasty’s 8th-10th centuries The State Hermitage Museum: Exhibitions
"These garter-hooks are based on a finding from Gnezdovo in Russia. The original is from the second half of the 900s and was cast in silver. Similar findings have been made in Birka."
Rus cuffs and trinkets
Pouch styles SCA Rus
Rubakha pattern (Russian tunic)
Novgorod tall boot. I think some punchholes from embroidery are visible to the top, but the glare from the glass makes me uncertain.