Maciej Wdowiarz-Bilski

Maciej Wdowiarz-Bilski

Fuil sail and ahead
Maciej Wdowiarz-Bilski
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Merridia 2.0 by on @DeviantArt

A quick map of the city of Northgate; ruling city in The Landing in the High Marches. This was mainly a practice map since I've got a fairly limited understanding on how to make city maps.

Jijo by ~Sapiento on deviantART

Here& a small and quick map for my Oraven setting. This is a zoomed in region of the Savage Lands. It& digitally hand-drawn in Phtoshop.

Mike Schley

A poster-sized battle map created for WotC's D&D Lair Assault: "Attack of the Tyrant Claw". © 2011 Wizards of the Coast Attack of the Tyrant Claw Battle Map