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Mast Brothers Chocolate Logo

SegWit possibilita melhor uso do MAST na rede Bitcoin

Though the old serif logo had a "scholarly" feel which correlates with the purpose of a search engine. That said, I think the new sans serif logo is much better because it is more modern/forward looking which better encompasses Google's wide breadth (maps, chrome, mail, docs, etc).

unveils new at turning point in company's history - Search giant says the new design will soon be seen across all its products just a month after a major restructuring of the company gave rise to Alphabet

Gap Logo

Gap -------- Gap chooses a dark blue background for their tall, seemingly stretched out sans serif letters.

Virgin logo

Promises: Are You Consistently Delivering Yours? - A strong promise describes how people should feel when they interact with your how your company delivers its products or services, and what sort of character your company embodies.

Coca Cola Logo: Its a beautiful logo.

Created by Coca-Cola founder John Pemberton’s bookkeeper, Frank Mason Robinson, in The typeface used is the Spencerian script. It was developed in the century and was the dominant form of formal handwriting in the United States.