Viruses and cell on Behance

"Viruses and cell" Advertising, Graphic Design, Illustration Project by Maciej Frolow, France.

Brain made of glass and circuit board on Behance

Every day, technological advancements are being made that will improve the quality of life for human beings everywhere. Take a look at these discoveries that are set to change the future, and then che

Chromosome X with DNA stripes inside

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3 shapes of glass on Behance

Scientific illustration showing the 3 shapes of liquid when molecules flow solid simple solid crystal quartz

Energy pill on Behance

Illustration and animation made for a pharmaceutical company. The goal was to illustrate energy bursts from the pill.

In vitro fertilization medical illustration

In vitro fertilization is a huge business opportunity, and some companies and researchers are trying to hack reproductive biology in a bid to to treat ever more patients.

Bacterial Growth for Angewandte Chemie on Behance

Bacterial Growth for Angewandte Chemie on Behance

Breast cancer cure aperture on Behance

Illustration for a radioactive treatment of breast cancer. The manipulator is from CAD, the woman from Poser, everything else is modo, lighting and rendering included.

Killer T-lymphocyte attacks cancer cell on Behance

Killer T-lymphocyte (green) beginning to attack a cancer cell (mauve). Killer T-lymphocytes are part of the body's immune response system.

A close-up view of red blood cells on Behance

In breakthrough discover, scientists mass-produce artificial blood. The technique could one day be used to sustainably create blood, particularly for patients with rare blood types.