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Can't wait for another fun music festival this weekend! Hyatt Newport Beach Jazz Festival is my hubby's client :)

★ DESIGN ARMY – Side by Side by Sondheim (Poster and Illustration) © Design Army LLC

By breaking up the piano keys, this poster uses the principle of alignment to grab attention. The poster uses the element of shape to illustrate the piano and contrast between the black and white keys and orange background to make it "pop.

Festival Espanol de la Cancion XIV * Benidorm 1972

Festival Espanol de la Cancion XIV * Benidorm 1972 A Spanish singing/song concert in Benidorm, where ever that might be, I'm guessing it's near the sea.

midmarauder: “ Marcelo Pedroso’s ‘Brazilian Dream’ Poster ”

Popular Tv Shows In Brazil. Brazilian Dream is fruit of reflection on Brazil today. We Brazilians are used to seeing the country as peripheral, subaltern, poor and third-world. But in recent years Brazil has .

By Roy Lichtenstein, 1 9 6 7, Aspen Jazz Festival.

View this item and discover similar posters for sale at - 'Aspen Jazz' is by Roy Lichtenstein. Published by Leo Castelli Gallery for the Aspen jazz Festival in These kinds of brilliant posters haven't been

Polish poster by Ryszard Kaja, promoting Katowice. It's a city in Silesia in southern Poland.

Katowice, Kattowitz City Promotion posters Check also other posters from PLAKAT-POLSKA series Original Polish poster designer: Ryszard Kaja year: 2012 size:

Ryszard Kaja, Bohoniki, Polish Promotion Poster

Ryszard Kaja Posters, Online Sales and Exhibition, Poster Gallery Warsaw, Poland

Hans Neuburg 1950 http://www.creativeboysclub.com/

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Wiktor Sadowski

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