ARTIST: Seiji Gailey ~ "Academic figure-drawing with skeletal translation."

Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, Ilya Glazunov full figure drawing study anatomy sculptors light and shadow

"dare alla luce" ~ wendy artin

“dare alla luce” ~ wendy artin

<[Original caption] "Tamara Black" - Wendy Artin {contemporary artist female nude anatomy woman posterior back behind minimalist watercolor painting} Highlights !> NTS: "minimalist watercolor painting" is an OXYMORON!

Upstairs, Downstairs - The house 2

This house has one floor more than 50 Berkeley Square in The Devil in Beauty, but it is basically the same as most of the homes I write about in the book.

Chien Chung-Wei 【劍橋騎士,Cambridge Rider】Watercolour by Chien Chung Wei,36X27 cm ,Demo

Chien Chung-Wei 【劍橋騎士,Cambridge Rider】Watercolour by Chien Chung cm ,Demo