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6 Supermaterials That Could Change Our World | Aerogels look like they should not be real. Although ghostly and ethereal, they can easily withstand the heat of a blowtorch and the weight of a car. The material is almost what exactly the name implies: gels where where the liquid has been replaced entirely by air. [New Materials:]

keplereleven: “ Ever heard of the Aerogel? The Aerogel is an extremely low-density solid. It doesn’t exist in nature and has been created in 1931 by Samuel Stephens Kistler. Properties Aerogels have.

summer sunset fox by RosaroterPanda on DeviantArt

summer sunset fox by RosaroterPanda. Fox as spirit animal: shy, intuitive, increased awareness, see through people/deception

flower tattoo sleeve

I absolutely adore flowers! The richer the color and more exotic the bloom.the Better! But exotic flowers can also be expensive. And unfortunately their beauty doesnt last very long. So if youre the more practical romantic type.