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an image of different types of buildings and their architectural designs, including the top one in green
This Stan Allen Architect diagram is simple but consistent. Each graphic begins with the outline of the site and clearly shows information broken into three sections; ecology, infrastructure, and programming. It includes water movement, public vs private spaces on the site, circulation, parks, and more. The color scheme doesn't seem to be a consistent palette, but they work well together to make it a legible series of diagrams.
an aerial view of a city with lots of trees
Anerkennung Neubau eines Stadtparks...competitionline
HOLZWARTH Landschaftsarchitektur (2014): Neubau eines Stadtparks, Neutraubling (DE), via competitionline.com
four different views of trees and buildings
Idee, Tricks, einschließlich Übersicht in Bezug auf das beste Ergebnis und ...... - PintoPin