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untiiiil they all split up and went seperate directions but ya know whaaaaaatevvvvveeerrrr

Does anyone have any funny one direction jokes. knock knock Who's there Urine Urine who Urine secure don't know what for Jokes like that

The thing that upsets me about this is the Liam has 4 of the arrows because one is for Zayn and this says that one is for him.

A.M. - One Direction - Made In The A.M.

//One Direction my fave lyric from this song definitely is the part when they sing 'talking out of our asses' it doesn't make any sense XD

History - One Direction #love #songlyrics #theywillbeback ❤️

History - One Direction ❤️ - that awkward moment when a directionator thinks this is a history lyric 😂 when it's really walking in the wind.