Murmur #21, 2006

Pins on the Sky - A Murmuration of Starlings by Richard Barnes: Each fall and winter vast flocks of starlings gather in Rome, foraging in the countryside during the day and returning to the city to roost.

Murmur20 Nov 3 2006.jpg

Foley Gallery, located on the Lower East Side, New York, specializes in contemporary photography and works on paper.

Murmur Diptych, 2005

Murmur (Diptych) November 2005 - Edition of 5 archival ink jet print 44 x 44 in. available at Bau-Xi, Toronto

Murmur #16, 2006

Flight Patterns By JONATHAN ROSEN European starlings have a way of appearing in unexpected places — the United States, for examp.

Murmur #9, 2006

Murmur: Photos by Richard Barnes. Photos of dense flocks of European starlings.

Murmur #8, 2005

Poetry in Motion: Migrating Starlings of Rome Photographed by Richard Barnes - Feature Shoot

Murmur #1, 2005

Richard Barnes, “Murmur pigment print, 44 x 44 in (all images courtesy the artist and Foley Gallery)