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Ciasto jogurtowe z mąki ryżowej

Ciasto jogurtowe z mąki ryżowej

Bardzo czekoladowe ciasto (brownie) z czekoladą

Czekoladowe ciasto - najlepsze brownie na świecie :) - Kobieceinspiracje.

My search for the ultimate fudgy brownie is over. It’s been a long journey but I think I’ve finally found a brownie recipe that I really love! It’s dark, it’s fudgy and it’s really rich! Best of all, it’s got a nice crisp top that cracks when you bite into it. Adding espresso powder helped... Read More »

Triple Chocolate Brownies So yummy! But also so rich! Perfect for brownies,ice cream and coffee! I added a whole teaspoon of espresso. You cant really taste coffee, it just got more rich. I also put in grated chocolate chips, instead of regular chips.