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a handwritten note from nathan scott on the occasion of his death anniversary, in which he wrote
Yep. One Tree Hill. Quote
a poem written in black ink on white paper with stars and the words, life kicks you around sometimes
one tree hill http://www.morebabyproducts.com/sassy-gogo-guitars-musical-toy-colors-may-vary.html
four traffic lights with the words people always leave
I saw this on One Tree Hill. Adored it then.. adore it now..
a quote from brooke davis about love is a wonderful thing and it doesn't knock much, so when it does, make sure to open the door
one tree hill quote, brooke davis #love #oth
a woman in a short black dress is posing with her hand on her head and the words, i know that someone out there
good-night-one-tree-hill. love this! love her!
two women sitting on the ground next to each other
One Tree Hill- so so true!!