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an old wooden door is open on a stone building
The Stylish Gypsy
Runaway Gypsy
an open wooden door in a room with wood flooring and wall decorations on the walls
DarkSunTattoo User Profile | DeviantArt
Untitled by DarkSunTattoo
an intricately carved window on the side of a wooden building with metal roofing
an old wooden shack with a roof made out of logs and wood planks in front of a mountain range
Viking House editorial stock image. Image of bavarian - 19043129
Viking village at Lake Walchen (Bavaria) - house recreated for a German movie
a large wooden house sitting on top of a lush green hillside
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Zakopane, Poland
an old wooden house with snow on the ground and stairs leading up to it's roof
MGProjekt (@MGProjekt) / X
Zakopane Style House
an old wooden house sitting on top of a lush green field
Mountain architecture, Zakopane, Poland
an old style house with a tower in the middle of it's yard, surrounded by trees
Hunting Lodge - Promnice, Poland
an old wooden building sitting on top of a lush green hillside next to trees in the forest
Zakopane Style - Wikipedia
Zakopane Style architecture (or Witkiewicz Style architecture). A mode inspired by the regional art of Poland’s highland region known as Podhale. Drawing on the motifs and traditions in the buildings of the Carpathian Mountains, this synthesis was created by Stanisław Witkiewicz who was born in the Lithuanian village of Pašiaušė, and is now considered to be one of the core traditions of the Góral people.
an old wooden church in the woods
Bike & Foto by MRACH – Witryna rowerowo-fotograficzna …
Kościelisko » Kościół pw. św. Kazimierza Królewicza w Kościelisku
a castle in the middle of a waterfall
The 10 Most Unbelievable Places That Really Exist
Waterfall Castle, Poland
an old wooden church in the middle of nowhere
bieszczady, polska
a large wooden building sitting on top of a snow covered slope
picture and movies from my travel - JACEKPRONIEWICZ.COM
This is a Polish home, Zakopane Style. This style is know to have small, beautiful details.
an old wooden house in the middle of a forest with trees and grass around it
Little Norway; Blue Mounds, Wisconsin. the "stavkirke" was actually used as the Norway pavilion at the 1893 Columbian Exposition (world's fair) in Chicago.
an old wooden church in the woods
Volcanoes of Washington State
An accurate representation of the Mead hall in Herot owned by Hrothgar. The popular "bar" at the time that Grendal hated.