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Pictured above is "Four Darks in Red" by Mark Rothko. Rothko painted portraits using different shapes and colors to express ideas. This painting was done as a mural project for the Rothko Chapel and the Seagram Building.

Artist Update: Samantha Keely Smith

Internal Landscapes, Breathtaking Abstract Ocean Paintings by Samantha Keely Smith

The structure of the Milky Way’s magnetic field, as measured by the European Space Agency’s Planck satellite.

fyeahastropics: “Our Galaxy’s Magnetic Field from Planck What does the magnetic field of our Galaxy look like? It has long been known that a modest magnetic field pervades our Milky Way Galaxy because.

de chirico_mystery

Georgio de Chirico: Mystery and Melancholy of a Street. Georgio de Chirico was influenced by Nietzsche's philosophy and Bocklins Symbolist art. He was founder (with Carlo Carra) of Metaphysical Painting.