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Pinching Dahlias for More Bloom
fresh chives on a cutting board with text overlay how to dry fresh chives to use all year
How to Dry Chives - Different Ways to Dry Fresh Herbs for Using Later
a potted basil plant with text overlay reading the secret to harvesting basil
The Trick to Harvesting Basil ALL Summer Long
two potted plants sitting on the front porch
Thriller filler spiller with coleus and creeping Jenny
a large potted plant sitting on top of a stone floor next to a door
Coleus, purple fountaint grass & creeping jenny planter
two large vases with flowers in them on the ground next to a fenced area
a planter filled with lots of green and purple plants
26 Annuals That Grow in the Shade
26 ANNUAL FLOWERS THAT GROW IN THE SHADE January 8, 2019 [social_warfare] Shade can be the bane of every flower gardener’s existence. You’d like something to brighten up that dark corner in your yard… but what can you plant? I’ve compiled a list of 26 annual flowers to fill up your shady flower bed, along with a few helpful hints for gardening in the shade. Special thanks to reader Pauline Janzen for sharing several pictures of her shade containers for this post! PARTIAL SHADE AND FULL SHADE
a potted plant with flowers labeled in english
29 Flower Pot Ideas for Stunning Mixes of Blooms and Foliage
3 Tips for planting in Large Pots
Check out these 3 cool tricks for planting in Large plant Pots! See our profile for more useful home&garden improvement tips!
four different types of dahlias in pots with text overlay that says growing dahlias in pots
Growing Dahlias in Pots: Choose Stunning Blooms to Shine in a Container
How to Grow Dahlias in Containers Design, Companion Planting, Growing Flowers, How To Grow Dahlias
Fundamentals of Growing Dahlias in Pots