Luxury Ice Buckets & Chillers , Made in Italy

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This history introduces you to the precious skills, values and love which go into each individual piece of ceramics which leaves the workshop doors - traditional, the highest quality, timeless and unique. Wherever you are in the world you can now own a piece of classic Italian design.

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Masterpiece decoration !! The secret of the art ?Hand made by italian artists. The best creations will be added gradually , Would you like to see more ? Await your comments!,ozdobna_ceramiczna_lampa,53676,712.html

Enhance your home decor with this modern #Crystal #Chandelier

#Silver goes with everything. All collections mean perfection. Find out more #silverplated items !,wyposazenie_domu,93.html

Desk Adornment City Palace with Crystal Bowl -The tradition of elegance, quality, craftsmanship and historical inspiration can still be seen in all the articles manufactured by CREDAN.

Make your space elegant with decorative columns - Made in Italy,filar_rzymski_w_opcji_z_donica,56485.html

Silver art has a thousand-year old history. Since man has forged metals, silver has had a leading role, due to its beauty, merits, therapeutic abilities, intrinsic value and for the possibility to being shaped with imagination and creativity.

18kt #Gold #luxury clock made on special request only !

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