Pebble Wall

Standing Pebbles on walls. Collection Lux4home™
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Lux4home™ White Timor Pebble Tiles shower wall

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Pink Timor Pebble Lux4home™

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Standing Pebble Lux4home™. Pebble Mosaic.

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Standing Pebble Pink Timor Lux4home™.

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Standing Pebble Black Sumatra - Lux4home™. On table Stone Sink - River stone sink Lavabo Batu Kali Lux4home™

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Standing Stone Marble Kuta White - Lux4home™.

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#Salon and #StoneWalls R240 Yellow Marble. Slices are 20x40 cm and the joints are invisible. The whole looks like it was laid out of individual pieces ... #Lux4home™, #wall #livingroom, #stone.

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Pebble mosaic Dark Ocean 30x30 - Lux4home™. Natural pebble Shower...

Pebble Tiles Dark Ocean 30x30 - Lux4home™. Shower Pebble

Walls: Standing Pebble Black Sumatra 3D - Lux4home™

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