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SongWen Matilda Huang Elsa Mora Danny Mansmith Aren't these amazing??? Come check out more on my "Artist books and visual journals" se...

Sweet Mess: Artist books and visual journals. Clear pages with sewn edges. this would be an interesting idea to include in an otherwise "normal" handmade book.

(roamin: It’s a narrative … told in fragments ...)

roamin: “ It’s a narrative … told in fragments Fragments are more interesting, anyway No good telling you Everything. You guess why. Excerpt: Six out of 16 Books, 2007 Acrylic and mixed media on.

eleanorhullock:    ‘Cuts’ (2010)  Japanese stab bind book.  Paper, thread, ink.

Some artist decided to put together all of the things I love into one handmade book. Things like intricate patterns, cut paper, geometric shapes, Japanese stab binding and books with peekholes for grown-ups.