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[Norwegian woman.]    Digital ID: 418040. Sherman, Augustus F. (Augustus Francis) -- Photographer. [ca. 1906-1914]    Notes: Formerly titled 'Swedish woman;' costume is from the west coast of Norway.    Source: William Williams papers / Photographs of immigrants (more info)    Repository: The New York Public Library. Manuscripts and Archives Division.

These photo's were taken by amateur photographer Augustus Shermaqn who worked as the Chief Registry Clerk on Ellis Island from everyday: This Is What America’s Immigrants Looked Like When They Arrived on Ellis Island

Crete 19th century

Studio Portrait - Middle-class Christian of Hania (Chania) Crete; Christian Horseman of Hania; and married Muslim Woman of Hania - 1873

Later period larger Vyatichi-style temple rings, and a great poneva skirt presumed to have been worn by Slavic tribes women

Costumes of Slavic women from to centuries were inspired by the astonishingly beautiful culture of the Byzantine Empire. One of the things borrowed by the Slavs from Byzantium culture were te.

The Sudice are the "Fates" of Slavic mythology. Spirits of judgement that meted out fortune, destiny, judgement and in some cases, fatality, when a child was born. In Czech and Slovak languages, they are called Sudičky. They can also be found in Serbian mythology by the name of Sudice, Suđaje and in Polish mythology known as Rodzanice, Narecznice or Sudiczki. In Slovenian mythology are known as Sojenice and Rojenice.

Irish Spinner and Spinning Wheel. County Galway, Ireland - photo of Irish Spinner and Spinning Wheel. This color photochrome print was made between 1890 and 1900 in Ireland. The photo documents Irish Spinner and Spinning Wheel.