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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them ✨ by Brandan Ray Leathead

Highly prized for its long, silky hair thats used to spin into invisibility cloaks, the Demiguise is a shy and cautious creature. To protect itself from predators and potential poachers it has the ability to turn itself invisible, making it almost impossible to locate and capture. This Demiguise is permanently visible in enamel pin form but has a sparkly, white glitter enamel on its fur to show off its magical properties! To celebrate the new five (five!!) Harry Potter films incoming based…

PREORDER Demiguise Enamel Pin Fantastic Beasts by HannahHitchman

I like how wise the demiguise looks; the expression is so perfect. The demiguise is my fav animal in Fantastic Beasts :)

La La Land #lalaland

Fantastic Beasts - Where do you get your ideas from, Mr Kowalski? I don’t know, they just come