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Stephen King's new novel involves a tunnel to the past, and a guy who tries to tamper with the Kennedy assassination. Talking to Wired, King explains something about the rules of time travel as he sees them:


Paranormal Activity Tod Williams will direct adaptation of Stephen King’s Cell Stephen King’s bestselling novel Cell will be getting the big-screen treatment, with Paranormal Activity Tod.

The Green Mile (part #1)

Green Mile, The – Six PB’s - Palaver - A forum for Stephen King fans & Book Collectors


My first SK book. I read it as soon as it came out.I was Mum was horrified & hid it from me but I found it & swapped the dust jacket for a Judy Blume!

Eyes of the Dragon

This book is meant to be a fairy tale for one of Stephen Kings kids but I must say, it's definitely not pg. A very good read though all the same.