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Łukasz Kwiatkowski

Łukasz Kwiatkowski
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Why Peryite is the Worst Daedric Prince in Skyrim: Shrine Analysis - // .Yeah I'm gonna agree with this one. <<< ahaha, Peryite and his bucket.

Scott Redden  Red Barn Composition, 2006, oil on linen, 22" x 18"

I'd like this composition more if it was shifted to the right a little bit, and less centred .Scott Redden Red Barn Composition, oil on linen, x

blues & aquas - images - josh martin . photographs abstract art photo canvas modern industrial urban decay rust print

Here you'll find nearly 300 original abstract photographs organized into color-coded galleries.

Odin and intelaces                                                                                                                                                      More

At a distance you can make out shapes that imply the face of Odin- with a single eye. And up close, you can appreciate the Norse-style knots in all the shapes.